Maria Lucia

Maria Lucia

Italian architect

Let’s bring beauty to our projects, let’s make them with love, in the respect of the people who will live there with positive vibes.




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An Italian architect, graduated at the University of Palermo in 2017, she was studying and working between Italy and Spain, and at one point she decided to move to Prague. She’s always been fascinated by art history and architectural heritage, and this is the main reason why she chose to become an architect. She loves details, she likes playing with colours and materials, and therefore her field is the interior design. She enjoys designing tailor-made furniture to make every space unique.


Maria works mostly on small scale projects, eg. family houses, hospitality, and flats renovations. She believes in the power of good design and how it can make people who live inside happier.


Reaktor projects: • DOLNÍ PODLUŽÍ – kino kavarna • ZANZIBAR – resort • LITVINOV – flat renovation • BOHEMIAN COFFEE HOUSE – kavarna • KURTA KONRADA – flat renovation


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